Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And the winner is.....

Well, thanks so much for all the on-line orders during the It's Spectacular On-line event! Now it's time to see who will win the Peaceful Season stamp set.

Due to a couple of orders being place at the last minute yesterday, they did not leave a comment on my post and I was not able to send an email to remind them to leave a comment. There simply was not enough time. Here is a listing of all eligible entries.....Brenda and Joy earned 3 entries each, while Cheri and Gail each earned 1 entry. So for the Random Generator, I will assign a number to each entry.
1. Cheri
2. Gail
3. Joy
4. Joy
5. Joy
6. Brenda
7. Brenda
8. Brenda

Now for the drawing........

True Random Number Generator 
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And the winner is........#3 - JOY!!!! Joy I have sent you an email. 
Thanks everyone for playing! That was fun. I will give away items more often! 

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