Monday, February 4, 2013

"YOU" are Needed

Hello Stamper Friends,

Glad you stopped by today. It's meant for you to read the important information below.

My monthly hostess clubs are a time of fun and laughter for the members who belong.  The members enjoy the time  stamping and chatting with the friends made. Sometimes someone brings yummy treats or stamped samples to share.  I bring 3 - 4 projects for them to create. Once the stamping is done, then orders are placed. It really is like getting a free class for ordering the product you want.  You can read all the "fine details" below.

But BEST of all, each member can't wait till it's their month to be hostess. Why???...because that's when they receive all the FREEBIES OF THEIR CHOICE!!!

Currently, there are open slots in 2 of my clubs. Both clubs meet at my studio in my air conditioned home in Highland Park, which is just south of South Pasadena.
  • First Sunday of month - 3 spots to fill - 1:00pm
  • Third Friday of the month - 2 spots to fill - 6:30pm
If you are interested or have more questions, please give me a call or send me an email.

Fine Details:
As a member of a Hostess Club you will receive benefits, as well as commit to certain terms.
  • Receive the current Idea Book And Catalog FREE!
  • Receive any other catalog released during your membership term, FREE!
  • Receive Hostess Spending Dollars for your month.  Hostess Spending Dollars are guaranteed for $25, the minimum for $150 in group sales, but usually is higher. Hostess Spending Dollars are based on the total sales of each club meeting.
  • 3-4 projects each month - If you miss a meeting, you will still get your projects.
  • Chance to win door prizes

  • Commit to the club for a minimum period of 6 months. Commitment time is based on number of members of the club. One month per member. If there are 8 members in the club, then commitment is 8 months, etc
  • Commit to purchase a minimum of $25 in product (before s/h and tax) each of the contract months, whether you attend the meeting or not.
  • Place orders on time (at the meeting, or before, if you know you can’t attend).

Ways to boost your sales when it is your hostess month:
  • invite guest. Guest required to place a $25 order.  Please notify me if guest are attending so that I have time to make enough project kits.
  • collect outside orders.
  • Have a workshop or catalog party during the week prior to club date. Workshop and/or catalog sales will be added to your club sales for a higher grand total to give you more Hostess Spending Dollars.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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