Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Retired Accessory List

Boy what a day! First, the complete utter shock of the lengthiness of Retired Accessory List! Before I could digest it, I had to go run errands. While out, I had a tire blowout on the freeway! I'm "almost" an old lady....I can't take but so much excitement in one day! I think I have reached my limit!!!!

I've had quite a few people contact me with many questions concerning the Retiring Accessory List. I hope I can answer your questions here. If you still have questions after reading this post, please send me an email and I will answer your questions individually. This post will be long, but please read through to the end.

As I stated above, the list is 12 pages long. That's a lot of stuff retiring but it's not all going away. Much of it is being brought back in a new form. When you get the new catalog, you will see many of the items still available.


Two items that were included on the Retiring Accessories List are not actually retiring. SU has updated the lists to remove these items.

208    108360    Craft Scissors
208    103579    Paper Snips

So let's deal with the card stock and markers.

  • Only select Stampin' Write Markers will be available individually (Stampin' Write Markers in color collections will continue to be offered)
  • 12" x 12" Textured Card Stock will no longer be offered
  • 12" x 12" Smooth Card Stock will only be available in select individual colors and color collections
Now the ink pads.
The Craft pads will only be available in Black and White. All other colors will be retired.

The Classic pads as we know them now are retiring. We will have all the same colors but in a better firm foam pad instead of the current felt pads. The foam will:
  • Provide better ink coverage for your stamps!
  • Light-tap stamping produces flawless images!
  • Pad stays juicier for longer resulting in better ink pad longevity!
In addition, our new Stampin' Pads
  • Have a crisply printed, glossy label on the top of the pad that is easier to read and that will not fade or chip off!
  • Come with color name labels in all four languages (English, Spanish, French, and German)-just choose your language, peel it off the back, and add it to the side of the pad for easy identification!
  • Use the same patented flip-top case design that stores the inking surface upside down, so the pad surface stays moist!
  • Are available in all colors, including our exclusive In Colors!
  And the inks have been REFORMULATED, refreshed so to speak.  For your refills, you may use the newly formulated inks with the old felt pads but not the old refills with the new foam pads. All but 5 ink refills will be available April 30th.

Please note: Five ink colors have undergone formula changes to improve functionality and color stability with the new firm foam pads. These colors are
  • Basic Black
  • Basic Gray
  • Marina Mist
  • Perfect Plum
  • Tempting Turquoise
All five colors of the reformulated inks have been fully tested and approved. While using the new ink formula in the old Stampin' Pads is fine, we do not recommend using the old ink formula in the new firm foam pads.

Ok, I think this post is long enough. Tomorrow, I will talk about the other products that are retiring, especially the Big Shot items.

If you still have questions, please, please let me know. Thanks for reading this long post.  I believe that once we see the new annual catalog, we will be comforted. So hang in there. It will be here soon.

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