Monday, March 28, 2016

Bible Journaling

Hi Stampers,

In my unending blog-surfing, I came across a very inspiring blog, which led me to a second blog equaling inspiring.

Not sure if you've heard of, or seen, Bible journaling before, but it's a way of combining your love of creativity and your love of Christ and His Word.

I've seen several different styles of Bible journaling.  I think they are all pretty and very creative. It's basically each person's version of "doodling" a Bible verse into a notebook, actual Bible page, and even 3D art pieces.

Many different art mediums are used from simply sharpies and markers to stamping to watercolors and mixed media.

So, the blog I first visited is Krystal's Cards. Here is her first page that caught my eye. Her style is simple which made me feel that I can do this. Throughout 2015, she posted her journal pages each Saturday.

From Krystal, I was led to Sweet Blessings. From this blog you can get a free monthly guide for your scriptures. You'll have to go through her blog posts to print out each month. She also offers a complete digital Bible Study and Prayer Journal with printable pages on her Etsy shop.

Here's two, of many other, styles of Bible journaling and a link to Bibles made for journaling vs using a notebook as mentioned above:

Kelly Gettlefinger - Always Stamping

Stephanie Ackerman - Homegrown Hospitality

Journaling Bible

Hope you enjoyed today's post. A little different but all in the name of creativity. I just felt led to share this info so I did!

Thanks for stopping by!

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