Monday, October 21, 2013

New Stamps!!

New! Monstermaniacs stamp set

Check out this fun new stamp set!

Monstermaniacs, designed by Doris D., is the second winning stamp set from "In With You," Stampin' Up's new stamp set design challenge. In July, art enthusiasts were given the challenge to create a monster themed stamp set. Voters fell in love with Doris' cute artwork and voted the set to victory! 
Now available to purchase in my online store: Click the button on the top left sidebar.

Monstermaniacs Stamp Set

---It's $14.95 item #134972
Stampin' Up! will be running ongoing contests and would love your participation! You can submit designs and vote the ones you love to the top of the heap. Wouldn't it be exciting to have a set of your own in production? Can you imagine seeing your own artwork turned into an amazing rubber stamp that anyone can purchase? Join the fun at

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