Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Day of Fun and Laughter

Recently, my friend Mari and I had a day of "just stamping for the fun of stamping". I wasn't prepping for a class, but just enjoying stamping. Here are a few pics from the day.

  We started off the day making purse albums. This is one of Mari's. Mine are in front of me - pool party/wisteria and the island indigo/calypso coral...

And you can see another of Mari's under the window in the picture below.

The little yellow book she is holding gave us hell!! We tried to copy the one I received in a swap from convention last year. After messing up 3 sheets of DSP each, we realized the instructions on Split Coast Stampers was incorrect. Can you imagine!! But after following it to a T, 3 times mind you, and ours not turning out like my sample, we finally figured it out. It was "hard work" and plenty of belly laughs throughout the day.

 Can you believe that ONLY two of us made all this mess over the entire table??!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Margaret said...

Great pictures looks like you both had tons of fun.