Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Leadership Cards #2

Hello My Friends,

Finally done uploading all my pics of displays from Leadership. Here are 2 more Leadership Galleries for your viewing pleasure. If link does not work, copy and post into your address bar.

Leadership 2012 #2

Leadership 2012 3x3s

I still have my swap samples that you will have to see in person. There's just too many cards, as well as 3Ds, to photograph them all, but will photograph some and post in the coming days. So....come visit me to see the rest!!!! One of my roomies brought 2 suitcases full of card and 3D swaps, over 500. Besides giving the roomies one of everything she made, when we ran out of our own swaps, she gave us some of her own to swap as our own. Amazing, right!!??


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