Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Embossed Vellum Cards

Since I've been bad (AGAIN!) and been away so long, I've got a great card share and some fun at the end of the post!!!

Onto the card....I went to a downline training a few weeks ago. While there, I learned this really cool technique to use on vellum. First you emboss a piece of vellum using the new Flower Garden embossing folder. Use a shim or piece of thin chipboard, like a cereal box, inside the embossing folder with the vellum. This will stop the image from cutting all the way through the vellum.

Now, look at the two cards closely. Can you see the difference between the two images? Can you see the image on the right, it's outline is white while the image on the left, it's outline is colored? It's a simple technique to get this effect.
For the card on the right, to obtain the white outline image, you add the color to the flowers and stems on the back side of the embossed vellum. For the card on the left, the color is added to the front side of the vellum, on top of the embossed vellum. Very easy, very soft and pretty. Try out this technique. You can use any embossing folder and vellum card stock.

Now here is the fun. I've got some stamps here ready to go out. I'm actually overloaded with extra stamp sets. So, how do you get your hands on one of these sets? It's easy. Just place a $50 order, either online or through me, then I will send a set to you. I'm only letting go of 6 sets!!! So hurry. See, it's easy! Just let me know you placed an order online and if you want wood or cling mount, stamp set is my choice. I will go online to get your address and mail a set to you. And if you place an order with me directly, obviously, I will get your address at that time.
Place your order early to ensure you get one of these sets.

Happy stamping!!!

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Margaret said...

Hi Gayle, I have to try this. Beautiful cards!