Monday, July 29, 2013

Convention Swaps - Barb Jackson's Dress Swap

Hi Stampers!

Today I'm going to share a swap that Barbara Jackson organized. It was one of many she organized. She was a busy woman. I didn't take part in this or any of her swaps but a couple of my friends did, so I'm showing pics of the ones I liked. I told Barbara that next year I'll be back joining her swaps. I did the first year I went and had a great time.

But first, with a reminder that my Annual Customer Appreciation Day is coming up on August 10th. Save the date. You don't want to miss this one. I'm in the middle of setting up my new craft room and reorganizing the classroom. I'm an opening boxes of stuff I haven't touched in quite awhile. Guess what, it's all going on the sale table!

Now for Barbara's dress swap.

This one was done by Barbara Jackson.

Thanks for stopping by!

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sapita44 said...

These are sooo beautiful !!!! Yes, I'm going to the sale, I have heard that it is super Awesome!