Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Change is on the Way + a Share

Hello Friends!

One of the announcements made at Leadership was the upcoming changes to the catalog and mini catalogs, beginning as early as May 2012. Yes, this year!!

In the past, on June 1st, our Retiring List is made public with our catalog year ending June 30th, and the new year beginning July 1st. Starting this year, everything is being moved up a month earlier. The Retiring List will  most likely be made public on May 1st (date not set in stone yet), catalog ends May 31st, and new catalog begins June 1st (last two dates are confirmed).

So, what this REALLY means is that  - you don't have as much time as you thought you had to make your purchases from the catalog!! It's coming to an end 1 month earlier.

Also, there will no longer be a Summer Mini Catalog. The Occasions, Summer, and Holiday Mini Catalogs will be replaced by two seasonal catalogs called the Holiday Catalog and the Spring Catalog. The size of the seasonal catalogs will be enlarged from 8x5 up to 8.5x11 with the same amount of pages, 35-40.
Most of the holiday and seasonal items will be moved to the larger size Seasonal Catalogs, leaving room for more general stamps and product in the main catalog.

It has already been announced that two product lines will not be carried any longer. They are Decor Elements and Simply Adorned. So, needless to say, if any of these items are on your wish list, get them now.

What these changes allow, is more time with the Seasonal Catalogs. Especially the Holiday Catalog. Currently, we only have from September to November to showcase and use all the items for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. With the Holiday Seasonal Catalog beginning in July, and lasting for 6 months, that gives us 2 more months!!! Now, you don't have to be so rushed in deciding your family Christmas card!!

Now for the share! I'm going to start sharing some of the swaps I received from Leadership. This a swap I received from Manon Parent of Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada.
 It's very shimmery with the glitter hearts and Smooch spray.

And can you see this? It's made from a mini paper bag!! You can open it and slide in a little treat or gift card. This is one of my favorites.

Thanks for stopping by today. If you have any questions concerning the catalog changes, please don't hesitate to email or call.

Hugs to all!!

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